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Archive for December 31st, 2013

How Will Technology Change Politics in the Future

Political market

Political campaign marketing is as old as politics itself. While the goals are the same, to get your candidate elected, the tactics have changed. One of the biggest reasons for changes in the way campaigns are run is the advent of new technologies.

For example, the invention of the railroad allowed politicians to go on so called “whistle stop tours” via train. This allowed candidates to give stump speeches to many more people than they otherwise would traveling by horse or boat.

Another major technological invention that would change political campaigning was the invention of the radio. Radio would prove important beginning in the 1924 United States presidential campa

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Four Signs That Your Vet Clinic Website Needs Help

Veterinary website

Your website is an extension of your business. Just as your building facade and reception area are an indication of the professionalism, and the services you provide, so too is a website a signal to potential customers of what they can expect from your veterinary clinic. Of course, it’s hard to make time to create or update a website when it’s flea and tick season, and all of your customers are coming in with itchy cats and dogs, but it’s important to make the time. This is especially true if your veterinarian website is guilty of any of the following four issues.

  1. Bad information
  2. Veterinary websites need to do one thing above all others, and that is to tell potential customers how, when, where, and why to contact you. If detailed contact, hours, location, and service information are out of d

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