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Archive for August 14th, 2013

Everyone Loves Diamonds

Tacori engagement rings

Did you know that four fifths of all women who get engaged receive a diamond engagement ring? The saying a diamond is a girls best friend certainly rings true, and men all over the world know that once you get the idea of marriage in your head, the diamond ring is the next thing to come.

Historically, over 2,000 years ago in the Roman civilization, a Roman bride would receive two wedding rings. She would wear a gold one in public and an iron ring which would be worn at home while doing house chores. Today, a woman typically only receives one wedding ring, alt

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A DUI Does Not Mean The End Of the Road

Dui lawyer

We have all had our share of wild nights in our lives. Sometimes an evening of celebration can find its end in an extreme, and all too often that extreme manifests itself as drinking and driving. If you have experienced this unfortunate circumstance, then you know that you are fortunate if you or anyone else involved was not seriously injured.

The state does not take Dui laws in a light matter. There are 44,789 individuals in Ohio alone who have five or more OVI convictions on their records, according to the Ohio Department of Safety. Clearly, this is a pervasive issue that affects many people. If you have been arrested for a DUI, you will want to find a good lawyer…allow me to rephrase, you will want to find an amazing DUI attorney i

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Pizza is the Greatest Food in the Whole World!

Lunch virginia beach

It does not matter where you are from, or what your favorite food is, everyone knows they crave a nice slice of pizza every now and again, some more than others of course. But either way, pizza has always been a popular food to eat for lunch or dinner, and sometimes maybe a nice late night snack, or even a cold piece for breakfast.

Pizza in Virginia Beach might not be as amazing as the cliche love for a New York City slice, but with the taste of that nice cheese and pepperoni toppings, does it really matter where it is from. Pizza in Virginia beach is good for other reasons too, not just the pizza itself. The location of Italian restaurant virginia beach offers is like no other. Imagine eating that hot sl

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