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Archive for December 27th, 2012

ISO 9000 Certification

What is iso 9000

Quality control is important, especially in the food industry. Nearly 3,000 Americans die each year from food poisoning so it is important that food providers take appropriate measures to keep their consumers safe and there are a variety of standards and procedure in place to help providers keep consumers safe. FAMI QS, for example, is the quality and safety system for specialty feed ingredients, and is intended to minimize the risk that unsafe feed ingredients enter the feed or food chains. In addition, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point training and certification, also known as Haccp certification, ensures that food handlers are using the safest and most effective practices.

The ISO 9000 certificate shows that a company has met the family of standards related to quality management systems. The ISO 9000 certification is designed to help organizations ensure that they meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders. For example, a number of major purchasers require that their supplies have undergone Iso training and meet the ISO certification requirements. The ISO 9000 certification was established in the 1980s and is based on the British Retail Consortium’s (BRC) Food Technical Standard for the evaluation of retailers’ food product brands. The ISO certification process can be quite complex. To get the ISO 9000 certification, companies have to undergo ISO 9000 training. ISO 9001 requirements are the specific requirements companies have to meet in order to obtain an ISO 9000 certification.

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