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Archive for March 3rd, 2012

Chalk Artist Sidewalk Painter

One of the coolest forms of art you can find today is often done by a chalk artist sidewalk painter. A chalk artist sidewalk painter is an artist that does paintings and drawings on sidewalks and streets using chalk. One of the most famous chalk artists today is Justin Beever, a chalk artist sidewalk painter from the UK. Two other famous sidewalk chalk artists are Edgar Mueller and Kurt Wenner. These artists do amazing artwork on streets and sidewalks. There are many other artists doing this kind of artwork too that are of some notoriety and others that are just getting started.

Some people may consider sidewalk painters to be just someone that does graffiti. However, the chalk artist sidewalk art that you see today can be amazingly graphic and detailed. The best kind of chalk artist sidewalk painter is one that can do 3D chalk art on streets and sidewalks that looks so real it is hard to tell it is talented artwork and not the real thing. What the chalk artist sidewalk painter does is create artwork in such a way that it tricks the eyes into seeing 3D images on a flat surface. You know you have to have amazing talent to do this kind of art.

These artists choose a sidewalk or street as the medium for their artwork for many reasons. One reason is for advertising and marketing purposes. Any kind of business can hire a chalk artist sidewalk painter to do a painting on the sidewalk or street to draw a crowd to the area where their store or shop is located. Another reason that people will hire a chalk artist sidewalk is to help with fund raising events.

When a chalk artist sidewalk event is scheduled it will draw other artists and the public to the event. Live entertainment and street paintings can be done as demonstrations at the event. Scheduling a chalk artist sidewalk event is a great way to raise public awareness for all kinds of charitable organizations. When businesses or organizations are looking for a chalk artist sidewalk event they can find experienced and popular artists that are willing to donate their time and their artwork for charity. While some artists will do this work for free, others charge for their talent. In any event, you can find a qualified chalk artist sidewalk painter by searching online.

Hiring A Concrete Polisher To Take Care Of Your Warehouse

If you own a warehouse with slab concrete floors, hiring a concrete polisher to come from time to time and buff them will help to preserve their integrity in the long run. While it is common to hire a concrete polisher to work with high class concrete floors that have been designed to look like polished stone, warehouses can reap the same benefits by getting a regular buffing even though it will not be for aesthetic appeal. By calling on the services of a concrete polisher, you could easily extend the life of your floor by many years or even decades.

A concrete polisher will come to your establishment with a large industrial buffing machine that is designed for concrete floors. The concrete polisher will then run this machine along the length of them until the desired buff is reached. Using a concrete polisher will help to not only shine the concrete but buff out scratches and dents as well as help to make it much more stain and crack resistant. This is ideal because in a warehouse environment, there are all sorts of things that can harm your floors.

A concrete polisher can even apply agents to your floor to help seal it even further. Much like the sealants you would use for stone tile, applying these agents to a concrete floor will help to keep liquids beading at the surface and allow dry stains to simply be wiped away with a broom. It will also help to make the maintenance portion of your day much easier.

For instance, a floor that has been buffed by a concrete polisher will require only a push broom and occasional mopping to keep it clean. On the other hand, a floor that has been left to the elements will require hard scrubbing and even that will not get all the dirt out. Dirt and grime that soaks into the pores of the concrete can eventually make it crack and crumble, causing you to have to replace your floor entirely.

Having the concrete polished regularly will not only help to make your floors look better, but it will save you money in the long run. Your employees will be much happier knowing they can be as hard on the floors as they want and they will still be easy to clean. All it takes is one phone call, and your floors can be made to be as good as new again.